Aaron Beeken (Ad Dip Psy C. Dip CST. Cert Hyp CS. BA (Hons). PGCE. MNCS. Accred.)

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

64 Fane Road, Walton, Peterborough, PE4 6ES

Email: [email protected]

"Counselling and psychotherapy are both talking therapies that, amongst other personal and interpersonal benefits, can assist you in becoming the person you are meant to be and also support you in being able to experience a more meaningful life"

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Welcome to my Counselling and Psychotherapy Website

Counselling and psychotherapy are both talking therapies that provides you the freedom to explore, at your own pace, how and what life is like for you; within the safety of a supportive, kind and welcoming therapeutic environment. 

My office is located at my family home near Itter Park in Walton, Peterborough. I work with people from all walks of life and different backgrounds that are going through a variety of struggles. I offer face-to-face and 'in-the-room sessions. I also offer online and telephone counselling. I have completed the extra-training required by governing bodies to offer online and telephone counselling and psychotherapy to people across the UK on a permanent  basis.

I offer long-term and open-ended therapy which means you can have sessions for as long as you feel you need them. This means that you can fully explore different aspects of your life and talk through things at your own pace. This also means that you can get to root-based issues of surface level symptoms such as depression, stress and anxiety. This also means that you can achieve long lasting benefits to how you think, talk, act, feel, experience and live your life. 

Aims might be to make sense of what has happened; develop confidence; put things into a clearer perspective; develop your identity; understand a specific problematic event; develop better relationships with others; undo self-criticism and develop self-care; develop authenticity; navigate a life transition; change certain behaviours; problem solving, planning and decision making.  

For appointments feel free to contact me detailing as much or as little information about you as you would like. Each persons situation is different and that's okay. I will then get in touch with you within 48-hours with more information about your counselling. 


Please note that I currently offer day time sessions on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between the times of 9am and 7pm. I also offer early/ late evening sessions over online and telephone so as to work with busy schedules and improve access to counselling for people that need evening sessions, for example those working professionals or parents of young children. Please contact me in such case and I will do my best to work with you for what you need.


In a world that is ever increasing in challenges and difficulties, the healing nature of psychotherapeutic counselling can help you. 

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I provide psychotherapy for individuals seeking to work through complex and deep-issues to create long lasting change and positive transformation in their lives.

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Assisting people and their subconscious mind in creating positive change with hypnotherapy.

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