Aaron Beeken (Ad Dip Psy C. Dip CST. Cert Hyp CS. BA (Hons). PGCE. MNCS. Accred.)

Psychotherapist and Personal Counsellor 

116 Manor Way, Deeping st James, Peterborough, Lincolnshire, PE6 8PY

Email: [email protected]

Counselling and psychotherapy are both talking therapies that, amongst providing respectful, empathic and empowering support in times of suffering and difficulty, assists the individual in the inherent process of growing into the person that they aim to become.

Aaron Beeken ​Couns​elling

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Welcome to my Counselling and Psychotherapy Website

I am an integrative psychotherapist and counsellor with a private practice based in Deeping St James. I am experienced providing talking therapy to adult individuals and young people. People that choose to work with me come from a wide range of personal, social and cultural backgrounds. Talking therapy provides you the freedom to explore how and what life is like for you alongside providing a catalyst for personal growth and integration. This process occurs within the safety of a supportive, warm and welcoming therapeutic relationship.

I am curious to what brings you here? Perhaps you are struggling with various aspects of your life? People that come to see me usually would like talking therapy because they initially feel overwhelmed and would like to learn how to manage stress and anxiety. Some people wish to have support with relationship issues; others come for assistance with  life changes; others would like to understand themselves more fully, become more authentic  and integrate parts of themselves that may previously have been denied, suppressed, rejected and disowned.

In truth, there is a wide variety of challenges and reasons that people come to therapy. Everyone has a story and I would love to know yours if you would like to share it with someone that aims to actively listen and accept you in a holistic way. Talking things through with a professional listener can help you begin to understand what happened, what is really going on for you and to also begin to feel better.

 I am on an Accredited Register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. The Accredited Register programme was set up by the Government to improve standards and safety for the benefit of the public. Accreditation demonstrates my commitment to high professional standards, to enhancing safety and delivering a better service.

I offer short-term counselling and long-term psychotherapy to individuals. I offer online and face-to-face appointments. I offer sessions between 9am-8pm between Monday and Friday. Email or text is the best way to contact me as I am usually holding an appointment and therefore am unlikely to be able to answer phone calls. After you contact me I aim to reply back to you within 48-hours of your original message with more details about arranging your first appointment.



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